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The All Gone Box and any other cardboard wrapping is recycled from local shop boxes, as well as bubblewrap that comes my way.

Any scraps and "leftovers" bits of clay is dried out, slaked in water and put out to firm up again, before being kneeded into clay. This pocess is hard toil, boring, time and space consuming (many potters are not bothered these days). However, it saves some travel.

I mark any clay item made from recycled clay with an "R".

Very occationally, some form of impurity enters the clay during a stage in the recycling process. And sometimes, I am sorry to say, this impurity (usually plaster from the drying bats) will survive firings and storing until one fine day (could be months and years later) it expands and brakes loose from your pot. (you will notice the white speck).
IF this happens to your AllGone pot, please send it back to me and I will replace with one of same size - of your choice. I very rarely make a copy of a plate, exept the childrens range, where the same image can be repeated on a similar colour.

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