all gone
table with teapot platecatelephant teapotshelfstudio plateplatter with parsley and basil potsbeakers with fishbeakers with bikessmall yellow teapotstriped teapotdouble handled big teapotsmall black and bluehoney glazed bowllidded jarstall vaseherb boxherb boxsmall cups, jugs, platessmall cups and saucers majolica tilespudding plates, dogsbees and butterfliesthe bee's knee'smore dishesstudio platter with plantsstudio plate with toolsstudio plate with plant, cup and bottlestudio platter with plant studycream and cobolt tilesstudio plate on top of black slip boxstudio plate with coffeemakerstudio platter with vaseMonday market stall wallrunning dogs cupseasidebirdscatspuppycrocodiledogboybirdvasetall serverour amazing planet plattersummertime platterblowing in the windVases and plantersPudding dishsmall wall hangingbirdstennis platterwroomsummer platepotatoesdoggreen and white tilesTea cup with cat and dogDogcatsLiontea cupsDogsAllotment food plateblue dogand peace on earthsay it againflowersunshinejust a nibblemaybe notall gonevwsitdig inTin glazed lace tilesRose garden platterBananasplatter with big dotsRose platter 2Rose patterned pudding dishMore fish tilesmore leaf tilesLace tiles
Summer 2017
I make pots for a living, which means there is always new things for sale. Some are recorded here.