all gone
17th April 2018

Shop is now closed!

I am sorry I cannot organize online sales and also I am aware of questions and requests going unanswered due to general fatigue and busyness in closing and packing and preparing my move home.

Thank you to all of you in England and beyond for now, I am soon opening my new studio/selling space in Norway, and will keep you posted here and on Facebook. Instagram coming up too, and many new adventures.
Keep smiling,

all gone ceramics, handmade by artist and potter Marit Ammerud.

Please note that I am leaving England to go home to Norway, so my final market day is 26th March 2018.

This is the end for Cambridge Market for me, thank you to every one I have met here, you will be missed. Your kind encouraging words stays with me, whilst I am off to a new studio and new people. I will work at Røed Gård, Jeløy, Moss, Norway where I can finally stop pining for the fjords.....

Weekly reminders on Facebook (all gone ceramics) if you like.
I am planning my Brexit after Easter, but will be making new work until then!