all gone
BraceletsJewelleryCake standsBird jugsSmall cups and saucersPockets.Hedgerow pendantsHdgerow pendantsEarrings, sterling silverstuffCambridge bike mugs bird jugs, from £5Earrings and beach hutsCharity hearts Botanical tiles £12 eachAquarium tiles, £12 eachPot stands 18x18 cm, £22. Various designsBeakers with bikesSmall vases and cupsBowls for good foodFlower cups, summer 2015Blue washed tilesNecklace, ceramics/leatherBig mugsbeakersboxes for plants or storageBright tilessmall vases £10MirrorYou are beautiful MirrorFridge magnet heartsOne off dogWearable ceramicsGomedalscoastersvarious things around £5fridge magnetssome wall hangingsCoasterstumblers or pots for small plantsMugs with dots and stripesbig things and small thingsView from my stall at row Gplatesmedalsmagnetic letterssmall £10 platesBroaches and buttons served freshtilesshot cups £5jewellerymosaic trivetconversationsmugsMy lovely neighboursChristmas cherity hearts £1.50 to Red CrossVeg box shelvesBrowsing is free!sewn bags for the little stuffRainy november MondayHand made cards £2More tilesVasesWall hangingsPlatesMugsplatescupsCambridge street tiles10x10 cm tileswall hangingsshot cups with numbersPool drawingsWall hangingsEspresso!My dog, MollyLeaf tilesBlack and white teapotsBig medalsButtons643. heartjarsSmall lettersMushroom jarsOval containers
Cambridge market
Every regular Monday you can browse, touch, and buy my things at the General Market in the very centre of Cambridge. My stall is next to the flower stall on the corner by the Guildhall and the church. I always have something new fresh from the kiln; plates, cups, bowls, containers, vases, tiles, medals, magnets, jewellery and more. Although I cannot predict what I will have for sale when you come, it will not all be gone.

I enjoy being on the market meeting people despite being quite deaf, so forgive me if I answer questions completely wrong! If you have a question we can use a notepad, I am always happy to talk about my work and promote the fabulous market, and to encourage everybody to use their creativity somehow.