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40. absolutely fabulous 41 great dad42. coping43 really really good44. lovely daughter45. extra ordinary person46. wonderful47 dad48 strong49 angel50. Mum35. best flaws36 Mum37 just right38 great dad39. coping30. Really good31. Wonderful friend32. Soft and cuddly33. True34. Hero25. Wonderful26. Lovely27. Wise28. Wonderful daughter29. big heart19. Very good indeed20. Wonderful friend21, Very good indeed23. Hero24. Good son13. Great14. Trying15. Dad16. Genius17. Perfect8. Best9. Deserves a break10. Lovely mum11. The best mum12. Honest1. star2. Very good indeed3. Just right4. Wonderful6. Lovely
Medals for sale
*Who makes the rules? Who deserves a medal? Life is hard, and sometimes people need a reminder that they are appreciated.
These are medals for ordinary people. Or, extra ordinary, as we all truly are*

Stitched from vintage or scrap cloth with safety pin sewn on, beads or metal rings, ceramics.
Some are made from painted canvas with ceramics badge and metal fastener.
Sold with gift box and small note to make it personal if you want.

Selling price (sorry - my excellent website is American and only do dollars) is approximately £14.50 incl. P&P in the UK. I say approx. as the dollar-pound exchange varies from day to day. I will try to update it asap if there are big changes. On 1st August 2016 it is $19.20